B&S Solutions

Our inspiration comes from our engagement with restaurants, delicatessens, and retail across Canada. We have carved out a unique variety of quality vegetable items, fabulous chicken products and leading Partner Brands to strategically meet the needs of our value customers. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and introducing them to new dining options. 

We are passionate, resourceful, energetic and reliable. Our reputation for consistently delivering superior solutions is the lifeblood of our business. We love what we do, and we believe that it shows. Our customers trust and support have led us into the Retail and Home Meal Replacement (HMR) and new categories that need our attention. 

These customers have similar issues and need our resourcefulness and support. Our business is grounded in, defining the issues and sourcing solutions and as required the inventory at market prices. Our solutions make our partners more successful by meeting their customer’s needs.  We find and sell what our customers need! When a problem is defined, we turn it into an opportunity in a step-by-step approach. Success is when everyone breathes easier knowing that B&S Solutions is on the case.


What we do is not new, we are just better than others because we are singularly focused on it every day and we are not burdened with excessive infrastructure or inventory that we need to sell our customers. Let us roll up our sleeves to work beside you on your next food project. 

Our Leadership Team

Brad Huck Co-Founder

Brad has worked at tier one food manufacturers in the food industry for close to 30 years in sales, marketing and executive leadership. His goals and successful track record were built on delivering winning results in a profitable manner. Brad has always fought the traditional retail strategies of lowering prices to drive volume and gain share. His success model starts with improving processes to drive growth while maintaining accountability to measure and deliver superior results.

Stefano Plati Co Founder

Stefano’s is passionate about sales and marketing orient to improving food experiences to be best in class and cost effective. A creative and goal-oriented professional with experience in technological innovation, sales, marketing, purchasing and administration he is usually your first point of contact with B&S Partners. He excels in managing multiple projects with great attention to detail, problem solving and follow through. Acknowledged by colleagues and clients for demonstrating “grace under fire” and customer service excellence. Stefano is an engaging communicator.